Don’t Tag Me In Memes Anymore – Lazaris Pit (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What’s music without humour? Some styles of music might lend themselves to a more serious approach but for the most part, if you pay the bills by swinging a guitar around performing for the enjoyment of the public at large, it perhaps doesn’t pay to take yourself too seriously. It’s an attitude which seems to have found favour with Lazaris Pit. I guess the art is to be serious about the music you make but also realise that at the end of the day you are not defining Pi or delivering The Gettysburg Address, you are playing in a rock and roll band. You may be playing in a great one, and Lazaris Pit are indeed in that category, but it’s just rock and roll none-the-less.

Leaning on the melodic end of pop-punk, the poppy end of alt-rock and the weighted end of indie, Don’t Tag Me… is an immediately infectious party tune driven on by rasping guitars and dexterous bass lines plus smart and self-deprecating lyrics delivered with a wink in the eye and a tongue in the cheek.

Juggling references such as Ween, Weezer and Walk The Moon, as well as plenty of other bands which don’t start with W, the sound might be slightly familiar but there is a freshness to the music and an obvious modernity in the lyrics, after all, I don’t remember Led Zeppelin writing too many songs about virally transmitted, on-line photo-messages!

So if you like this, and how could you not, then the next port of call for you is their new album Coniphers and “8 tracks of the good stuff, heady grooves and sweet pop tunes, funk breakdowns to zero gravity ambience…. 42 minutes of rock n roll” according to bassist Cameron Preston. But would you trust the word of a man who goes by the nickname “Sugarfoot?” 

Of course you would.

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