Don’t Let Them Down – Ethemia

10647202_692906324124987_4902660632724530474_nI can think of few better acts to navigate the often-difficult waters of the charity single than Ethemia. In this cynical age it can be an area filled with cliché and cynicism but it is Berny and Michaela’s natural personality that provides the key. Through out their music a warmth and caring attitude prevails and Don’t Let Them Down, a charity single for Children In Need, is no exception. But more than coming at this with the right attitude, they have produced a great song.


The usual sumptuous close harmony, so often the hallmark of their songs is evident in spades but also by the frequent use of the chorus they have created something that is the perfect sing along track. It is catchy and richly textured but more importantly it is poignant and immensely relevant. Everything you need from a song designed to raise awareness. Brilliant.

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