Don’t Feel To Work –  Evan Jewett (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

062708Whilst there is undoubtedly an art to writing songs that are all about immediacy and hook, ones which you can find a way into as soon as the song enters your consciousness, that is only one approach. Such songs are fine for the quick hit, the short shelf life, the fickleness of the ever changing demands of the pop fashionista or the indie scenester. But when you think of the songs, the tunes, the albums that you find yourself returning to time and again, they are more usually the ones where you have invested time to understand the music, relate to the artists approach, they are less obvious but ultimately much more rewarding. One-off pop sing alongs are fine for the party moment but everyday life requires something that delivers more. Don’t Feel To Work is just such and album and Evan Jewett is just such a musician.

And as you might expect after such an introduction the album wanders some interesting paths and wonderfully connects sounds and styles that often don’t spend too much time in each others company. Pink Grout, the first single from the album to make its way out into the world, grooves with a gentle 60’s feel, is threaded through with chiming piano and simple yet prominent but effective bass lines and the end result is a song that Beck would have not only fight you for but fight dirty.

Dust Contest is part Monkees, part Flaming Lips, if you can imagine such a thing, by contrast Late Bloom is a wistful and melancholic piece in the vein of Elliot Smith, bruised and brooding like a gothic country song being played in a late night jazz bar and Clocking Out is a warped piece of psychedelic with a middle section which seems to be trying to turn back time.

As albums go its a grower, but that’s the point, something to get to know, become friends with, and not just the sort of brief chat at a party after which neither of you make the effort to keep in touch. Even from the first play you know that this is the start of a long and lasting friendship.

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