iabkemojhceddmnk_phixrBig issues are often channelled through seemingly innocuous, everyday actions, like trying to overcome insecurities and issues of self-confidence through material items. Wearing the right clothes and following fashions because you think it will make you fit in, that people will like you. It is an issue brilliantly addressed by Leah Capelle’s latest single Docs.  We have all done it, dressed a certain way, said the right things, socialised in the right places, just to try and deal with inherent securities and all the while thinking, “This isn’t actually who I am, this doesn’t make me happy.” And so there is only one thing to do, shed that skin, dispense with the things that in the past you felt compelled to do and just be yourself. It is easier said than done but as the narrative of the song explains, once done with you are able to actually find yourself, live your own life. Cliche? Maybe, but cliches are cliches because they hold a universal truth.

As always Leah wraps her song in a brilliant pop-rock package, and if previous single Joshua leant more to her pop side of that blend, Docs introduces grittier rock elements, solid riffs and a rawer vibe. As I have observed before Leah Capelle pops better than most commercial acts around today and this time out we are left in no doubt that she can deliver a rock groove just as brilliantly.

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