Do You Dream? – Møons (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Writing this at the time of a worldwide lockdown, we are starting to see more clearly the things which really matter. Just as it is underpaid medical staff and not the CEO’s or bankers who will get us through these times, so it is grassroots music which is providing the most direct and intimate contact with people. Because it is generally music which is easily transferred from the corner of a small venue into home recorded renditions and understated videos, it is this music which is most effective when piped through the internet. What matters, as many people have long known, is not the technical aspects but the emotion, the ability to connect with people, to land with its mood and meaning still in tact.

Møons is just such an artist and Do You Dream? is just such a song, the creation of a bedroom recording studio and all the more powerful, all the more effective, all the more gorgeous for it. It is a song steeped in romance and space, where honesty and intimacy are foremost in the music as it slowly and seductively waltzes around the soul tugging heartstrings and stirring feelings of love and longing as it goes. A gentle ballad but not one of those designed for the mass market or the chart driven world, though that in itself highlights everything that is wrong with the musical mainstream, but instead designed for an audience of one. And in doing so, ironically, being something that everyone can relate to. How beautiful is that?

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