Do You Dance Alone? – Pier Lights (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What if indie music could be as infectious and attractive as its big sister, pop music? What if it could be as groovesome as the most addictive dancefloor offerings? What if it made clever sonic choices and had something to say? What if it oozed underground cool as easily as it vibed with all the poise and appeal of a sonic denizen of the mainstream? What if…well, you get the picture.

Pier Lights does away with the “what-ifs” and replace them with “there you are’s,” making all of the above contradictions work, and do so brilliantly. Do You Dance Alone? the duos latest release plays with a melancholic and isolated vibe but it is balanced by sassy rhythms and intriguing guitars, spacious breakdowns and driving beats. If your mind chooses to set this song during Lockdown, then it speaks of the frustration brought on by social detachment and enforced isolation, if you see the message as being less specific to the last year then it has much more emotive and sadder connotations.

But either way, it’s a cracking song. One which shows us that music isn’t about genres and scenes and ironically, the smartest dance track of the moment can come from a more creative indie/alt/underground place. Genres, scenes, expectations? Ha! No use to anyone.

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