Distort That Bass –  Peter Sirah (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Although vocally the song comes on like a slice of old school rap, as soon as all the musical elements kick in your realise that this is something else altogether. The bass is both funky as hell and overdriven to the point where it seems to be heading into the realms of a metalcore band, the drums, however, keep things well on the funky, soul-rock side of things rather than push things too far over the edge.

The groove is old-school for sure, the execution very much of the here and now, put the two together and you have just one possible future prediction of where such funky experiments might lead. And that’s the art of it really. It’s easy to look back for inspiration, to lean on familiar sounds and proven sonics but it is what you do with those elements that is the real trick.  Peter Sirah might be tipping his hat to some classic sounds here but his eyes set firmly on what’s to come. 

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