People who get clever about their music marketing realise that in this multi-media age just writing a great song isn’t enough. The more astute amongst their ranks offer a more comprehensive package, something above and beyond the sonic offerings, something that hooks people in and keeps them on the creative journey with you. Ian Hendrix understands this concept better than most and beyond the music being made here this third release is a beguiling blend of slick sci-fi animation, relatable but thought-provoking lyrics, and dark edged dance grooves.

Musically it takes the modern pop-dance format and boils it down to the bare essentials, a great beat, an instantly accessible hook, sleek and stylish vocals and then dresses it back up again with intriguing electronic motifs, pulsing bass lines and a great dynamic wave that ebbs and flows through out the song.

In some ways it is totally familiar, being dance music very much in the traditional sense, and in others it is fresh and forward thinking, bathed in a slightly clinical, digital chill, the perfect meeting meeting of minds,  of man and machine making music in harmony. Dispirited may not offer a perfect glimpse of the future but it certainly delivers the sound of things to come.

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