After the first chapter of their “create, record, release” motto with Shimokita / Zeitzonensynchronisationmechanismus (try asking for that in HMV this Saturday) No Metal In This Battle is back with two new tracks: “Disco Dans Ta Cave” and “Fano.“

They describe themselves as a mix of post-rock, math-rock, kraut-rock and afrobeat.

Some musicians seem to have made a thing out of playing in the style of the machines that were developed to imitate them. All cosines’ logarithms and table times. This is now a genre. You probably already know this.

Anyway, I don’t know who the Disco Dan is on the first of these two tracks, but his cave sounds a blast.

Imagine the soundtrack to a blaxploitation version of Saturday Night Fever meets Mission Impossible. Instead of Tony swinging his can of Carnival paint in time to Stayin’ Alive, there’s a swarthy Latino snake-hipped no gooder would be swaggering along the sidewalk swinging a can of gasoline with a smouldering fuse hanging from it.

“Fano” reminds me of Yes with afros. Although there’s a Shaft wah-wah guitar at the start to lure you in. That funk groove stays but it still reminds me of Yes. I kept expecting Jon Anderson.

There are plenty of afrobeat references across both of these tracks’ funk and swagger. And the grooves in Fano twist and flow changing and becoming something else entirely and then moving on towards yet more variations on what they’re already laying down. You feel this band could play forever. They must be a blast live.

They say they’re concentrating on jamming and improvisation now. Judging by these two tracks they were born for it.

Now for that series of live albums?

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