Dinosaurs-Ate-My-Caravan300I wonder if the oddly named Biscuithead and the Biscuit Badgers know that they are clinically insane or are just basking in the afterglow of their madness without realising? Listening to Dinosaurs Ate My Caravan is like having a direct line to dear departed Vivian Stanshall; the same strange vaudeville delivery, the baroque pop ingredients, the music hall madness but more than anything else the mind boggling lyrical imagery. For although the music is great, a cross between the expected bizarre meanderings of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and the more delicate sound of Peter Skellern but arrived at via an afternoon at The Hatters tea party and a bag of magic mushrooms, it is all about the lyrics.

Lyrics that cover such bizarre ground as a testimonial to David Attenborough, Tweed Jackets including the glorious line “ I feel the need, the need for Tweed,” the nature of Soy Milk set to a calypsos rhythm, what it’s like to be a triangle and even a discourse on Land Hermit Crabs.

If you are a fan of that thread of quintessentially English humour that wove through The Goons, Pete and Dud, Python and the aforementioned Bonzos then this is for you. And if you listen to the album and find that my attempts to highlight just how strange the band are seem disproportionate or misplaced then you are probably actually a member of the band and you have just managed to shut it out of your memory for the time being. Probably for the best.

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  1. Indeed. Apparently the song writing Biscuithead had written many such songs before people started pointing out that it sounded like the Bonzos – and that was the first he’d heard of them. Musically I think they are rather good and the lyrics are just rather silly, but perhaps for you it is the other way round.

    • wasn’t meaning to belittle the music, it is exactly right for what they are about but for me it is the lyrics that make their mark. And who doesn’t need a bit of silly in their lives?

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