Music doesn’t have a retirement age, which is good news for the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Who, Rod Stewart, Van Morrison, Tom Jones, and endless other older artists who seem to outsell the up-and-coming bands. It isn’t like other areas of entertainment that rely on audience numbers, sports stars are considered over the hill once they reach thirty-five and actors and actresses find the roles switch from leading man to grumpy grandparent. But not so with music, so it’s something of a relief to hear an album from a band who have not only been there and done that but have the desire to play for the joy of playing.

The term is ‘grey but can still play’ and it fits nicely with the music that Archie Brown has released. The Young Bucks have been around since the late ’70s and their ease with their instruments is simple to hear. This is the kind of thing the members have been doing for years and it’s a calm, cool album that mixes roots, country and rock n roll with Latin/Texan horns (think ‘Just Want to Dance the Night Away by The Mavericks and you’ve got an idea how the highlights sound).

Will it propel the band to world domination? Will they rub shoulders with Paul McCartney, Sting and whoever else is putting bums on seats? Probably not, but it’s a decent release and made more impressive when you consider this is the second album written and recorded during the lockdown.

Stand out track for me is the impressive ‘Hold on to your Hats’, it’s a bonafide toe-tapper and wouldn’t seem out of place on any mainstream radio station, but have a listen for yourself.

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