Defiled Covenant –  Disinterment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

One of the great things about reviewing music is that you get to play with interesting words, the more extreme the music the more interesting the words you find yourself using. Disinterment makes extreme music indeed, music that evokes words normally found in The Book of Revelations. But where to begin?

Start with rock music, keep going until you find yourself in metal territory, head further along until the sonic landscape begins to look blasted and cavernous and then forge further on still until even the first two circles of hell can be seen in the rear view mirror. Turn left where you see the marketing managers, politicians and bedroom, mumble rap artists being crucified and you will find the studio Disinterment make their music in.

Defiled Covenant is not for the faint hearted, it represents the extreme end of the metal spectrum where a tsunami of kick drum beats, grinding bass and industrial riffs form a platform for howling, hell-spawned vocals a song that becomes more of a brutish instrument than a discernible means of communication. Melodies are turned into screaming gales driven by grating guitars and thunderous otherworldly energies and the whole thing sounds like Armageddon itself…as in the end of times not the British psychedelic supergroup of the 70’s.

If however the world doesn’t end you can grab yourself a copy of the next single, the title track of the forthcoming new album Domination Defied. sometime in January. man, that was heavy!

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