December Rain (Carol of Love) – Craymo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Music is made for many reasons. Sometimes it has something to say, other times it tells a story and sometimes it is merely fashioned for the euphoria and fun it brings. But music is a very poignant and powerful tool too and can be used to celebrate and honour the lives of those no longer with us and to organise our thoughts and feelings towards those people. And it is the latter, exquisite use of the medium that Craymo has been working with lately as a way of remembering his parents who both passed in recent years.

December Rain is gentle and heart-felt piano ballad of the sort that would sit neatly into the quieter end of the set by the likes of Billy Joel or Elton John. It is spacious, delicate and passionate. It is also a song that works on more than one level. Firstly it is about unrequited love, that feeling of directing your deepest emotion at someone without getting a reciprocal response. But it is also dedicated to his mother, Carole Love, who was always there for him. And like all good songs, even though it has some very personal attachments, it also is very relatable and as such could easily be the sound track to other peoples lives and inner most feelings. Songs of course don’t have to be that directly relevant to find a place in other peoples hearts, they are open to interpretation and of course often it is the music rather than the lyric which is the point of connection. However you take the song it is a beautiful and haunting piece.

The song that it forms a pairing with, Take It Slow (Gotta Say Hey) comes from a saying that Craymo remembers his father saying and is a tribute to him. And whereas December Rain (Carol of Love) is a soft and soothing piece, this time out the beat is bouncy, the groove is up and it takes the listener down a jubilant dance-pop path.

The two songs together just show you can approach the same task, that of remembrance, in such different yet equally eloquent ways. One a more sombre and sweet reflection the other a energetic celebration. People’s lives contain a wide range of emotions so why shouldn’t the music that celebrates them too?

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