Dearest One – Sean Trelford (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is a wonderful simplicity which greets you as you head into Sean Trelford’s latest release, Dearest One. It’s almost a sixties vibe, charming and chiming shards of shimmering guitar laced around slightly hazy vocals slowly gaining sonic weight as the song moves along and then creating dynamic interest by dropping down into delicate interludes before gathering itself together and heading off once more.

A love song, but one which gets to the heart of true love, by emphasising the feelings of loss and helplessness when that love seems spurned or unrequited. And rather than weave together slushy lyricism or melancholic brooding, Sean Trelford opts for more a philosophical approach which makes the song even more powerful for its, almost forensic, questioning.

Some songs seem simple because that is all the artist’s talents or imagination will allow. Others are simple because the artist understands the razor-sharp effectiveness of leaving space in which the lyrics can linger, hang, grow and hit a more resonant chord with the listener. Dearest One is defiantly an example of the latter.

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