If Day Drinkin, the new one from Brian Doucette, reminds us of one thing, it is that partying is not just the bastion of the young and care-free, but everyone needs to take a break from the nine-to-five and let off a little steam now and again. In fact, those with jobs and responsibilities probably need it more than the younger set. I also want to point out that Day Drinkin is such an inviting and infectious song that it has made me use the word party as a verb, something I vowed never to do. Wow! Powerful forces at work, indeed!

Taken from his fourth album, If You Can’t Be Good, Be Careful Vol. 1…wise words indeed…this really is an anthem to necessary irresponsibility. A blend of deft rap deliveries and rock drive, pop accessibilty and dance music infectiousness, it is a song that pretty much fits in the musical landscape anywhere.

It’s the soundtrack to non-sobriety, the film score to fun and frolics and an acoustic slice of awesomeness. Time to crack open another beer in its honour! Who’s with me?

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