Day By Day – Phantom Phunk (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

In a world where bands are trying to build the future by creating whole new genres to inhabit, mixing sonic potions like mad scientists in midnight laboratories, who think that the past is the past, what’s done is done and that anyone looking backwards instead of forward is some sort of dinosaur, there is one band which shows this all to be complete nonsense. Phantom Phunk have always respected the past. They are happy to be influenced by it to create their unique sound, a sound which is which is anything but nostalgic and backward gazing. Phantom Phunk might take the tried and tested building blocks of the past but are clever enough sonic architects that they can build whole new musical structures with them.

So whilst you can identify hip-hop lyricism, soulful vibes, funky grooves, pop melodies and any number of cool retro-references in their music, you have never heard them put together quite like this before. And that is the art of it isn’t it? Day By Day is the sound of progress and evolution but it is also the sound of modernity and forward-thinking. Why create sonic chimera’s that no-one want’s to hear when you can reweave all those pleasing patterns of the past into a cool new musical design? The future is bright. The future is Phunky!

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