Anything that sounds like the sound of the sixties psychedelic rock movement imploding in a blaze of sonic glory and also the saviour of modern rock and roll has to be a band worth keeping an eye on, not to mention an ear or two, right? No need to answer that, rhetorical question.

But there is something wonderfully dark (natch!) and delicious about this track from the band’s Mania mini-album, something warm, drug-laced and almost claustrophobic, decadent, heavy, trippy and slightly mindbending. All the things that the best rock and roll music is based on and the eloquently named Lurid Purple Flowers¬†obviously know that it is a template that has worked for so long, why change it.

All you need to do is bend the rules slightly, shuffle the deck, take the same musical building blocks and use them to build something that is both fresh and yet somehow slightly familiar. It is not only what they are doing here, it is what they are doing brilliantly.

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