Dance With Me – Marlon Boone (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As soon as the music kicks in, it is clear to see why Marlon Boone is so well respected by saxophonists and jazz aficionados alike. He has rubbed shoulders and shared stages with everyone from Kim Walters, Will Donato and Pamela Williams and during the last 17 years has travelled extensively through both musical genres and geographical locations.

Dance With Me is everything that you expect from such a versatile and talented player. Smooth, funky, jazz-infused, accessible, infectious and groove-laden. And whilst instrumental tracks might be his chosen style, he can say more with a well-chosen riff and the decisively positioned note than most people can with whole pages of lyrics.

With several great singles already to his name and an ep, aptly entitled Marlon Boone Smoothology, in the works, he really is bringing smooth jazz back with a bang…obviously a deftly cut, finely considered, well-polished and stylish bang. Why would you expect anything else?

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