Cut and Dried – Ren Daversa (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

There is something wonderfully reflective, slightly melancholy even, lingering between and amongst the lyrics of Cut and Dried. It’s a philosophical and worldly set of problems that the narrator is struggling with here and even though it obviously comes from a fairly intimate place, the sentiments portrayed are very relatable. You could listen to any number of pop kids singing obvious songs about love, loss, longing and life but even a hundred of them back to back wouldn’t impart the honest portrayal of what relationships are all about in the way that this so concisely does.

Since leaving San Diego alt-pop stalwarts, The Good China, Ren Daversa has spent her time exploring her own songwriting, the results of which can be found on the album Saltwater from which this single comes. As a calling card for that release, Cut and Dried is perfect. A deft piece of mature music which elevates pop, refines indie and toys with some lovely folk textures, this is the sound of an artist who has lived in the world enough to know how things work, that musically less is always more and who really has something meaningful to say. Kids, who needs them?

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    1. Hi Ren, my pleasure, good luck with the album and you have those lovely people at Skope for the single finding its way to be…so at least you know that they are sending your music out far and wide, me being in the UK.


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