Crystal Waves – Easy (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Imagine if House of Love had not been brought together in Camberwell via a Melody Maker advert but had instead formed across the North Sea in Sweden under a very different set of circumstances. What would that band sound like? Sort of different and sort of similar I guess. Sort of like Easy. Contemporaries of that post-punk scene which gave one country the likes of The Smiths, The Jasmine Minks and the aforementioned House of Love, Easy were Sweden’s answer to that blend of pop melodics and jangling guitars which would later become known as indie music.

By 1994 the band had split with its various members heading off to pursue other musical interests but they left a string of classic pop singles and one album which arguably never got the praise it deserved. And then in 2010 they came back, made more albums and 30 years on from their debut album they found themselves in the same London studio with a new full length record about to be unleashed. Crystal Wave is the first sonic tease of that new material.

It is probably fair to say that Easy never reached the UK audience which would have lapped up their music, despite touring with all the right people, from The Gun Club to Lush, their blend of Sonic Youth intensity and Beach Boy harmonies never drove them to the heights that they deserved. They should have been rivals to The Smiths’ lofty jangle-pop throne but they never got their shot at the title.

But with Crystal Waves, hopefully, they’ll get a second bite at success, not only will those who remember the birth of indie love this but this latest single demonstrates that their sound hasn’t aged in the slightest and a whole new generation of pop-pickers and indie kids will find plenty to love here too.

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