Crown – Malik Mos High (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Blending elements of 90’s hip-hop with 21st-century r&b vibes, Crown is an understated slice of accessible urban electronica. In it, Malik Mos High talks of ambition, of aiming high, of not allowing others to hold you back, of having your sights set on the ultimate prize, the Crown and whatever that means to each individual.

And he does all of this to a deft and delicate groove, one built from skittering beats and spacious bass pulses, chiming piano and space. Lot’s of space. And space is important, it gives everything else the required room to work its magic. It creates interesting atmospheres beyond the notes and between the words. It frames the music and allows anticipation to build and the textures and tones to grow.

Crown is both a thoroughly modern piece of music and one that echoes with all the twists and turns of its genre’s evolution across the years. It’s a track that looks to the future, both for the artist and for the genre but it also never forgets where it has come from. And that is something that you should never do.

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