Crazy Game of Phobias – Jata (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The difficult process of navigating the feelings and emotions that have come about through the last 18 months of lockdown is a fluid, personal and ever-changing process. For a long time, people had to deal with the issues surrounding isolation, loneliness, and separation from their friends and family, but now the decisions that face us are more centred on how we integrate ourselves back into society. Obviously, everyone needs to face the new normal in a way and at a pace that works for them and these complex issues are dealt with in Jata‘s fantastic new single, aptly titled Crazy Game of Phobias.

Ahead of a full-length album, Jata gives us much to consider on this tasteful teaser of a track. And as he does so a wash of musical considerations are also being deftly juggled. On top of a sonic platform akin to that which worked so well for the likes of Depeche Mode, a sort of dark, electronica or gothic dance-dirge, he draws together musical building blocks that are both euphoric though often inward-looking, shaded yet infectious, understated but also dramatic.

Crazy Game of Phobias draws together as many conflicting yet intriguing slivers of music as it does poignant and powerful ideas found in the lyrics, proving once again that the best music is often complex and addictive, that it can be both big and clever.

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