In this exciting and adventurous collaboration, Clay Joule and Elisa Mammoliti have joined forces, once again, to deliver a sensational new track titled Crazy. Recorded at Truwan Studio, this new single is set to leave a lasting impression on the listener with its funky and fun energy and meaningful message.

Combining their not-inconsiderable talents and artistic vision means that Joule and Mammoliti have come up with a song that is a blend of pop and rock, which might sound frivolous and throw away until you lean into the lyrics and tune in to what is being said here.

Crazy also showcases the duo’s ability to seamlessly blend two opposing vocals into the perfect balancing act, creating a fresh and captivating sound. One is direct and dominating, the other softening the more prominent and projected voice with everything from operatic highs to hazy lulls. Drawing from all manner of influences, Joule and Mammoliti have fashioned a song that defies categorization. Part pop, part rock, funky, and electronic, this is not the first time the two have worked together, Drifters being their previous collaboration, and you can understand why they would want to repeat the experience.

Here, Joule and Mammoliti are a match made in musical heaven. Joule’s powerful vocals harmonize perfectly with Mammoliti’s soulful tones, creating a captivating and harmonious blend. Their chemistry is evident throughout the track, adding an extra layer of depth and emotion to the already compelling composition.

Accompanying the release of Crazy is a fun and eclectic music video that matches the track’s feel of fun and subversion through its own off-beat and out-there visual style. The carefully crafted visuals and striking imagery perfectly complement the energetic and dynamic nature of the track. Directed with artistic flair, the video visually represents the song’s…well, craziness!

With Crazy, Clay Joule and Elisa Mammoliti have set the stage for an exciting future in the music industry, either together or separately. Still, this song is proof enough that, as a duo, they work so well. Their healthy lack of respect for genres and perhaps even the musical rulebook and fearless approach to music have already turned several heads in the industry. The real question is, of course, having already covered so much musical ground, have already wandered so many sonic roads less travelled, have broken so many rules and subverted so many creative forms and formats, where do they go next? I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

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