When the ethereal tendrils of dream-pop interlace with the subtlety of folk and indie sensibilities pirouette alongside shimmering guitar riffs and velvety cascades of harmonies—occasionally venturing into the coveted realms once occupied by the legendary CSN&Y—suddenly, it becomes clear that The Wheel, known to some as Avram Brown, is an artist worth keeping a keen eye on.

In “Coyote Mask,” the song becomes a vessel for exploring the transformative power of a love that’s slipped through your grasp. It’s a delicate ode to the awakening that arrives at a serene state of solitude, one that doesn’t carry the weight of loneliness. It’s a poignant acknowledgement of the vulnerability required to nurture the blossoming of new love and facilitate healing, all without retreating into the safety of deeply ingrained patterns of avoidance.

A noteworthy tidbit: the piano gracing this recording once belonged to the enigmatic Elliott Smith—a fact that might be dismissed as a mere coincidence by some, but for others, it stands as a testament to the exquisite beauty of serendipity. And it’s hard to ignore the sonic threads that weave The Wheel’s “Coyote Mask” into the tapestry of Smith’s musical legacy, to a greater or lesser degree.

This exquisite composition serves as a tantalizing glimpse into the musical heart and lyrical soul of The Wheel’s eponymous debut album, perfectly encapsulating the essence of what’s to come while leaving listeners craving more of the same spellbinding artistry.

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