If you think that rock and roll is exciting, the sound of rock and roll evolving is even more fun. It’s easy to think of the genre as having found its perfect form a long time ago and, perhaps like the shark, not finding the need to change its form to fit its surroundings. Think again. Okay, rock and roll might have found some pretty established perimeters to work in but the ability to trash those traditions and put them back together in new and interesting ways is what keeps things fresh. Such a premise also assumes that rock and roll is more a set of rules rather than a state of mind, a definable sound rather than a loose, gang mentality. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Part X Part R Section, who thankfully go under the name PXPRS to make things easier, is the sound of rock and roll being carried blinking into new sonic sunrises, it captures the same primal howls and tribalistic rhythmic clatter, adopts the same mirror-shaded, black leather jacketed, low-slung stance of old, but they are anything but James Dean worshiping throwbacks. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)

Coup de Grâce is that old-school outsider spirit being channelled through everything from Sonic Youth’s noise-punk posturing, Transvision Vamp’s trash-pop poise, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ art-punk meets garage rock grooves, and every other amphetamine-laced, musical game changing outsider in-between. It bends electronic sounds into rock and roll shapes, turns its musicians into digital shaman, it is the sound of the old world being made anew. It’s the sound of musical evolution running head on into sonic revolution…how cool is that?

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