Cosmic Noon – Liam Moore (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

What is most surprising about this track from Liam Moore‘s latest album, Visions of a Perfect Life, is not how well thought-out and charming the music is, and it is certainly that, but the reference points that he uses whilst building it. As the song grows and begins to flex its musical muscle it embraces a more modern sound, one that sits somewhere between pop and indie, but its jumping off point feels much more like a 60’s chamber pop song or the sort of musical exploration that you would find somewhere along the musical timeline of that grooviest of groovers, Scott Walker.

And that is as impressive as it is unexpected. Most emerging musicians seem so engrossed in sticking to existing templates that they forget to meander, and it is when meandering that you often stumble across the most unexpected inspirations and ideas. But why copy, why follow the pack, why ride someone else’s coattails anyway? Music is about new ideas, fresh sounds and of finding new ways of fitting the most unlikely sonic travelling companions together. Jaunty alt-pop channelling some baroque-infused retro crooning? Infectious, lush indie music being taken for a ride by the ghost of Jacques Brel? What’s not to love?

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