Coocoo Banana – Lizzy Young (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

I love the voice of Lydia Lunch so when the first vocal came in I knew I would be smitten with this record. It’s not derivative or mimicry at all but Lizzy has a beguiling tone that makes an immediate connection.

Coocoo Banana is poetic in its lyrical content and angular yet simple in its moody melodic musings.

There’s something very French going on here with a significant musical nod to Stereolab but with the vocal darkness being clearly cemented in the offbeat clubs of New York City.

I wonder where she’ll end up next. Clearly a very international personality soaking up multi-continental influences.

The feeling of the recording is both current and eighties and that’s probably an apt fusion given the state of the world right now. Lizzy is clearly an artist who is embedded in the zeitgeist. Her work feels seminal in a way that normally can only become clear with the benefit of hindsight and context.

There is a cohesive feel throughout the recording that demonstrates a complex emotional intelligence and a willingness to share the ups and downs of being a human being.

Statistically hits my marker, coming in at 10 songs in 30 minutes. It’s Pop but not as we know it.

This is my favourite new recording of 2020.

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