We might think that modern music communicates through its lyrics. But music is a language all to itself or at least it can be when wielded by the right artist. And even the most abstract of sounds, the most repetitive of grooves, the most hypnotic beats, have plenty to say. Dance music might not be the most obvious place to look for this subliminal communication but if you know how to listen then there is a lot to hear.

The art is to give yourself over to the moment and listen with your heart and soul rather than the usual senses. Conundrum is the sound of a dancefloor composer, communicating through the use of beat and groove rather than through the more obvious lyrical component. He blends subtle sonic peripheral sounds and grace note electronica around a relentless drive of a deep house sound, and those willing to embrace the sound will find the experience euphoric, ecstatic, shamanic even.

And what is it that the composer is trying to say? Well, that is up to each individual to decide. One track, thousands of messages each tailored to a different individual, each open to personal interpretation. That’s the great thing about such sonic conversations.

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