I was first introduced to the sonic realm of Night Wilds through their previous tracks, “The Curtain” and “The Show,” both featured on their debut album, “All That Should Have Been.” This 17-track rock opera takes listeners on a dark, fantastical journey that uses the imagery of a dark and twisted circus as an analogy and outlet for the real-world struggles and thoughts of lead singer Seth.

However, their latest single takes a different turn, steering away from the more bombastic urges of the album and delving into subtler, more soulful territory. Set against a stark, rhythmic, tattoo beat reminiscent of “White Rabbit,” the vocals evoke deep emotions, exploring the trauma of conflict and how its enduring impact is passed down through generations. It leaves descendants grappling with the same dark thoughts, often unaware of their origins. This is the sort of territory that the likes of Roger Waters revels in, nothing less than a profound sonic exploration of the human soul.

While inherently balladic, the song weaves elements of prog-rock finesse, an understated yet anthemic quality (if such a thing exists), anticipatory rock energy, and symphonic touches reminiscent of classical compositions. It’s a strange and captivating creation, one that challenges the clichés and conservatism of the modern rock genre. In comparison, the work of Seth and Night Wilds outshines their rock peers and competitors, delivering a clear message to the rock fraternity: it’s time to step up your game, fellas!

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