Complications – Emotionz  (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Where does hip-hop end and pop begin? Where does soul start to give way to R&B? What happens at those meeting points? The answer to all three of those questions is Complications. Vancouver rapper Emotionz seems to make music in just those musical creative collision points, where the rigidity of one genre is tempered by the melodics of another, where pop addictiveness is used to add another layer of accessibility to more niche genres. The result is the perfect blend of underground cool and mainstream potential.

Complications is as smooth as it gets but groovesome to the extreme too as rapped lyrical flows are blended with sweet harmonies. But rather than opt for the clunky mechanism that a lot of rappers resort to as their safety net, where their edgy rap is bookended by smooth R&B vocal parts, here a much cleverer approach is taken, one where rapped and sung lead parts, backing harmonies and incidental vocal additions are all blended together in various combinations making for a gorgeous urban hymn. Actually an urban him and her!

When in doubt, end on a pun. Thank you and goodnight!

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