One of the many great things about Mahamaya Experience is that it is about much more than just making music. Sure, music is undoubtedly the more prominent part of the package, but in reality, music is a vehicle, a delivery system for a series of more profound thoughts and poignant propositions.

They have given us much pause for thought so far, on subjects ranging from broadening your spiritual awareness to the simple joys of traditional village life, the nature of one-in-a-million chance encounters, and tales taken from Hindu mythology. This isn’t the usual throwaway lyrical fluff of the pop world.

This time out, as the title might suggest, the subject is climate change and, more specifically, the need for modern, urban society to move to alternatives to fossil fuels. It is a wake-up call warning us to stop being fossil fools! A prayer for raising ecological awareness.

This clip, taken from a longer song recording, focuses on Ranjit Makkuni’s decidedly dexterous sitar solo, a blur of notes, a cascade of exotic sonics, and an otherworldy flow of sound. Tablas create the rhythmic drive, the video images drive home the point, and the sitar seems to float and fly through the song.

This is just a short example of what Mahamaya Experience does; the music can wander between the traditions of its Indian homeland and western rock and roll, accessible pop, and ornate orchestration but is always centred on the gorgeous and graceful sounds of the sitar.

Consider this a taster and a teaser and then explore this fabulous and seductive sound.

Why do we need dark energy?

Switch off the dark energy

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