There is something cool and collected about this latest single from Triple Crown Don, something understated and relaxed in the way that it runs, proving that you don’t have to overplay the sonics to get your point across.

If rap music made its name on being full-on, bombastic and in your face, delivering sucker-punch beats and incendiary statements, COA shows us just how everything has moved with the times. Here the point is made through smooth and sultry music, lazy beats, skittering percussion, and beguiling electronica. It is also made through deft and dexterous lyrical salvos, ones that come across in a sultry and smooth sort of way.

And that is the great thing about the dichotomy at work here. The music might lull you into a false sense of security, on the surface at least, it feels subdued and gentle but it is the lyrical message that it carries and the words that are juggled, the raps delivered, the literary play at work that really lifts the track into a whole new creative orbit.

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