Closeted – Maya Wagner (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Taken from the EP of the same name, Maya Wagner makes alternative pop that is totally of the moment, totally contemporary and totally cool. It is full of neat pop moves and gentle dance grooves, it runs on skittering and infectious beats and is swathed in lush harmonies.

But, that isn’t where the real power lies, although many artists would be more than happy with that. No, the real power is that Maya Wagner not only talks in a completely contemporary voice but she isn’t afraid to talk about difficult issues, here drawn from her experiences as someone proud to be part of the LGBTQ community.

Music, even pop music, should remain relevant. It should be able to move with the times. And as the world changes, as attitudes shift, as new issues need addressing and broadcasting, as messages and opinions need to find new outlets, then it’s good to know that we have people like Maya Wagner and her songs as a place to spark and instigate these very necessary conversations.

That’s the power of music…if it finds its way into the right hands.

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