Closer Than Ever – AALTA ft. Lenachka (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

AALTA continue their collaborative creation of slick indie-pop and chilled, early hours dance music with this latest release, featuring the German born Lenachka and vocals that move effortlessly between the soft and sultry and the anthemic and sky-scrapping. It’s a great use of dynamic, to be able to rise up from the restated pulses of the beat and the relaxed rhythms that lead us in, to something that in its own gentle way is powerful and purposeful. Cleverer than your average clubland track, more widely accessible than indie and infectious enough, often in a fairly understated way, to out-pop pop.

It’s a song that appears to pulse more than follow a beat, a slow-burning grower that seems to sonically step up bit by bit before revealing a gloriously fashioned chorus of hooks and contagion. And so it progresses making the breakdowns more profound and the choruses more anthemic and thus making the dynamic changes ever more powerful as it heads for its conclusion.

All in all its a very clever song, one that seems to transcend being pigeon-holed into specific genres and which blends the the ghosts of clubland past with the sound of pop-present into a bright new sound for the future. It is both considered and understated but also powerful and confident. It is as cultish as it is commercial and will appeal to the mainstream pop pickers as readily as it does to the discerning underground taste-makers. It looks very much like the future of music is in very safe hands.

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