Right from the start there is an urgency about this track which picks you up and carries you along. That relentless beat, the hustle of the guitar, the staccato breaks, driving energy and the build in intensity as the song pushes towards its final destination. And all of which contrasts rather wonderfully with the vocals which are spacious, reflective and slightly dream-like . But that is the art of making music interesting, it isn’t always where the sounds complement each other that the magic happens, sometimes it is where the elements of the music brush up against each other, clash even, that makes for the interesting moments.

And Closer is interesting, it’s also cool and addictive, seemingly bridging a gap between post punk’s new pop revival and the indie-pop machinations of the modern age, possibly proving that, as always, the most interesting music is made in the wings. The mainstream of the centre-stage may be keep most people happy but you need to wander away from such obvious box-ticking exercises, such obvious lime-lights if you want to find the really good stuff..and that is indeed what this is.

It’s that blend of chiming guitars and the overall weight which really sets things up, that mix of the slightly ethereal and the totally rock and roll, of nuanced textures and pure drive. And like all good music it is hard to compartmentalise, such is the way of music makers in the post-genre age. Rock fans will like its energy, indie fans its effortless cool, popsters its infectious melodies and to be fair if you can get the attention of people across such a wide range of tastes then you are on to a winner.

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