18057997_287607811686489_242250923111314227_nWe are not normally that big on straight out covers here at Dancing About Architecture, but there were a number of reasons, musical and otherwise, why we wanted to give this cheeky little release some room. Firstly the lead track is recently reunited heroes Tex Pistols take on Kirsty McColl’s sublime wonky pop classic There’s A Guy Work’s Down The Chip Shop Swears He’s Elvis and anything which reminds us of that lovely lady and her music is always going to get our vote. Here it is rendered into a twangy Cajun-country groove and it works brilliantly.

Secondly the EP has been released as a fund and awareness raising effort in support of UK prostate cancer, which obviously is something the male half of the population at least should get behind.

But mainly, and I guess that I should have led with this, its bloody great. Not only the aforementioned Kirsty classic, and fans should also note that co-writer Philip Rambow is one of the howling guitar-slingers on the album, but a string of great songs from the country canon given the Tex Pistols’ jaunt and jig.

There is an added bonus for the music historians out there in that the people who make up the band are nothing short of musical royalty and their musical heritage past and present takes in the likes of Nick Lowe, Mick Ronson, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, The Stray Cats, Jeff Beck, Elvis Costello, The Penguin Café Orchestra and many more famous names. Tex Pistols were also pretty much the country-punk house band at the iconic Break For The Border for many a year.

If you can’t find a reason to love and support this great little E.P. then I’m sort of guessing that music isn’t really for you!

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