Change Up – Ben Green (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

33923415_846622298856242_3112983328249085952_oThere is one line in particular that stands out on this debut from Ben Green, “Don’t go dumb while the world goes stupid, gotta stay above it all keep that bird’s eye view,”  a phrase charged with a lot of relevance to the world today. It could refer to anyone, the everyday person in the street, a message to stay informed and not get taken in by other people’s tricks, traps and trolling.

It could refer to the aspiring artist, a reminder to stay focused and not be distracted by the things which aren’t important in the long run. It could also refer to the big picture, to the games and machinations of the political classes and world leaders getting caught up in their own agenda’s and forgetting who they really work for. Take which ever meaning that works for you, take all of them, that’s the great thing about the fluidity of lyrics and the ability to derive your own meaning from them.

As a piece of music it neatly encompasses where urban music is today. You can hear the echo of hip-hop pioneers and rap originators in its electronic rhythms and trippy trap percussion, the reserved lyrical flow and its late night, ultra cool hazy vibe. All music should push the genre forward, if you can do so whilst making people think then all the better.



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