A lot of music, and perhaps rap and hip-hop more than most, gets tarred with a certain brush. That for the artist this was the only way to get on in life, that they come from an underclass, from the wrong side of the tracks or perhaps a poor eduction and that music was seen as being a lifeline to a better, more successful life. In short, music is largely a poor person’s game, and for a few at least a rags to riches story in the making. But Chad Rico, more than anyone else I can think of, is turning that idea on its head. Maths professor, entrepreneur, financial analyst, clothing designer, filmmaker and world traveler, his 12 Weeks of Summer releases add one more string to his bow of talents and he now announces the final four tracks that round the project off.

The music covers a lot of ground within a modern rap framework, from the considered and understated flow of Wonder, a look at the dark machinations of the city, to the more forceful, groovesome and skittering beats of Sleep in The Phantom. It drips with modernity, a contemporary take on the original hip-hop concepts but made over from a whole new generation. Sharp moves and hot grooves are the order of the day and Chad Rico is able to deliver that effortlessly.

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