Certain Inalienable – Rosemarie Ulven (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As is often the way, people with a creative flair in one artistic area are often talented in a number of others too. Rosemarie Ulven is a classic example of this. Not content with writing “Little Book of Bread, Soups, Puddings, and Essential Meals,” a timely tome which combines a holistic approach to food with humour and worldly wisdom, she also now delivers Certain Inalienable, an eight-track collection of interesting and alternate pop.

It runs from the chilled and spacious electronica of Heart of Glass to the sweeping and haunting acoustica of Winter Sky. Between these extremes you find tracks of effected electro-pop such as The Day I Could Not Bear, a song infused with Spanish rhythms and high drama, Until I Find My Way, a blend of tension and exotic sonic exploration which sounds as if it might have come from Sinead O’Connor’s majestic debut album, and even the understated and off-kilter dance moves of Undeniable.

And all the way through, it is Ulven’s enticing vocals which run from the soft and intimate to the ethereal and heaven sent. It is a collection of songs as unexpected as it is intriguing, as unique as it is exploratory. Don’t you just love it when you stumble across such music?

Link to the EP:

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