Catch and Release –  Midnight Lands (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Catch and Release is one of those rare things in the rock world – a track that isn’t trying to be something that it is not. Whereas many artists in the genre are trying so hard to stay relevant that they bend the genre so far out of shape by fusing it with music that it has no reason hanging out with –  rap, electronica, dance, Midnight Lands know what it is that they want to be.  There’s no need trying so hard to move with the times, rock was, is and will always be relevant to those who follow it, and that is all that matters. Midnight Lands is a great example of this and Catch and Release is built on its timeless ethics; solid riffing, heavy yet groovesome urges and infectious melodies are the order of the day.

Musically it is neither classic not alternative, it just is…why does it need to be anything else? As the calling card of an album, Destroy The World, that takes in elements of folk, proggy intricacies and even a few discrete electronic musical lines, it is perfect. Yes, it plays with other genres but that is little more than icing on the cake…and the cake is pure rock, it’s a rock cake…ha! Besides, if it ain’t broke….

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