California – BODA (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s an age old story. A small town girl dreaming of leaving the backwater that she was until now called home and heading to the bright lights of the big city in search of a fresh start, in this case, the glitz and glamour, sun and surf of California. And as BODA narrates the story it does make you wonder about what alternative lives you could have led if you had made different decisions at various stages in your own life.

At a point where hip-hop merges with pop, BODA lays out another take on this timeless story, driven on by skittering trap percussion and solid bass beats. The middle ground is left deliberately spacious allowing BODA’s sometimes rapped, sometimes sung vocals to dominate. The energy of the song remains slightly subdued making it sultry and full of swagger rather than playing more obvious musical cards.

If the 80’s had the recently revived Don’t Stop Believing as its anthem to unlocking your potential, California is the same story repackaged for the current age. I guess the more things change, the more they stay the same!

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