Well, that is all a bit mysterious. Try to research any information about this duo (I presume) and you find out that they have on-line social presence normally reserved for winners of The Voice. Links and sites reveal the scantest of information, though they do have a well-stocked merchandise site…selling shirts only, not music! I guess this is just a reflection of the way that the world is right now. Brand! Product! Units!

That said XO is quite a cool little number, a chilled and skittering slice of hazy pop, percussive trap beats driving, reserved and beguiling swirls of elegant electronica and a half-whispered vocal line punctuated by occasional crescendos of more a passionate nature.

As a track it is great for the modern alt-pop picker and the clubland chill out roomies. But I think the mystery and marketing angles that Calhuis has chosen says a lot more about where the music industry is right now than where the music might be going. Just an observation.

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