C9AdOizV0AAahXNChilled beats from the chilly north! That in a nutshell is what Santos Noyakuk is all about. If you associate classic EDM sounds with the warm west coast, azure blue washed Mediterranean or ultra-chic underground German basement clubs, Noyakuk’s shimmering northern sound will remind you that dance music is no longer driven by the limits of culture and geography. It is everywhere you look, the modern expression of the primal urge to dance, to break free, and to express yourself just for the sake of it.

Caballero is built on a mixture of chilled, sultry grooves and high-octane dance beats, the journey from one to the other often being the structure that the track is built on. It wanders between the now and the near future, both recognisable and exploratory, sometimes opting for the slick dance floor sound of today, sometimes pushing the electronic boundaries into fascinating new forward thinking techno-concoctions.

And that is always the place that EDM has to sit, constantly tumbling forward into new possibilities, never staying still long enough to sound dated or retro, a punk ethic in a digital age. The genre is nothing if not an endless quest for a new vision of itself, thankfully Santos Novakuk is at the front of this trail blazing expedition.


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