This is a no nonsense anti-establishment band that put their uncomplicated stripped back folk/punk heritage badge front and centre.

They deliver their brand of political tirades, kick-back ballads and ECO homilies with an up-tempo, danceable verve and vigour.

Where does this recording sit? Well, I would most like to see this band after caning the rough cider flagon on a sunny Saturday afternoon at a medium-sized festival somewhere in the midlands.

‘Tyger Tyger’ ushers in a more folksy hiatus adrift from the stomping party that goes before it. The vocal delivery is considered and eloquent, it punctuates the recording in just the right place.

There’s a good dose of political angst throughout and I would imagine these are always crowd pleasers for their followers.

The recording treatment has an eighties feel and the drum production is most definitely responding to this decade too.

Although the band are comparable to other bands in this space, there are definite nods to other sources that just peep through from time to time. Moments of REM, Sleaford Mods and Red Hot Chilli Peppers add to a tidy recording.

Now, where’s that cider bus?

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