Nick has a cool way of making opposites, not only attract but wonderfully attractive and this latest release is the perfect example of his ability to do this. Butterflyy Mind drives on a robust beat, a sort of motorik take on a disco-dirge but, as is his way, he cloaks that simple and groovesome device in all manner of exotic tones and textures.

As you work your way up from the groove to the vocal you encounter choppy guitars, swathes of seductive sonics, chiming, and indeed charming motifs, warped sonics and textural washes aplenty, all carefully cut and gently applied. And then at the top, the vocals are more like a chant, simple, to the point and set back from where the vocals would normally be positioned so that they too ebb and flow in the gently sonic mayhem below.

Flip the single over…or whatever it is the kids do these days to access a singles sonic travelling partner…and you find Waving Ghosts, an altogether different affair. Here he dovetails all manner of haze and heady sounds, adding layer upon gossamer layer of delicate sounds until the weight presses down and a myriad of kaleidoscopic musical colours swirl around to form this seductive song which muses on life, loss, oblivion and the brief and transitory nature of our time on this earth.

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