Whilst many genres continue to evolve, move with the times, explore more peripheral sonic pathways, others seem to find their perfect form early on and find little reason to change their shape too much. The Jimmy Sixes work in such a musical realm. Rockabilly, country-rock, bluesy swing and the like are their chosen musical weapons but how do you stand out from the pack when the pack are all fighting over the same musical territory.

Well, you do what The Jimmy Sixes do, you write songs that are groovier, more fun, better conceived, more deftly delivered than the rest. Whereas most bands working in the same realms are happy enough to sound like a band that might have supported The Stray Cat’s in a Neo-rockabilly alternative history timeline, The Sixes instead sound like the records that The Stray Cat’s listened to as kids by getting back to the source. Authenticity, that’s the name of the game.

The e.p. kicks in perfectly with that brilliant downward bass line that the genre pretty much made its own and  deals with a dilemma people of a certain age know only too well of what to do with all those vinyl records which still feel like part of your DNA. Last of The Jukebox 45s is both nostalgic and celebratory and posses the problems faced by us record hoarders in the modern age.

Never Apologise, Never Complain is a reminder of the embryonic 50’s pop sound, Get Outta My House reminds us of how innocent and accessible that music could be and It Doesn’t Matter is a sweet rock’n’roll serenade.

Bustin’ It Up with The Jimmy Sixes revels in a simpler time, cleaner musical lines and music that came without any hidden agenda. And as I said in the intro what can you do with music that is pretty much set in its ways? Well, stop worrying about things and just have fun I guess, that’s what’s happening here.

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