If you think that pop music is a genre largely aimed at and consumed by a young audience, well actually, you are probably right. But sometimes amongst all the throw away gimmickry, the fickle fads and fast moving fashion you can occasionally find songs which remind us that it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way.  Whether Burn In Me is actually a pop song depends on your definition but if it is then it sits at the end of the genre that is more concerned with maturity, integrity and deftness of construction than the dance routine and the celebrity guest star.

And again if it is pop, then it is pop that rubs up against a number of other genres such as  soul and blues even picking up a few classical touches along the way and the rock vibe that powers the song across the finish line leaves you in no doubt that Addisyn Chafé is unconcerned about musical demarcations but fully committed to taking what generic building blocks she needs to make her music wherever they may be found.

Burn In Me is all about elegance, even when it is rocking out and winding itself up into its slow burning  final crescendo it seems to do so in a very measured and graceful way. Okay, maybe it isn’t really pop music, its so far beyond everything that such a term implies that it probably can’t even see pop music in the rear view mirror.

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