Bullet Proof Chest – Naked Animals (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

People are forever looking for the next step in rock music, as if securing a future for the genre relies on strange fusions and adding new elements into the mix. But what if rock music has found its perfect form, what if it doesn’t need to evolve any further? What if it is the shark of the musical world, that it has found the form to best service, and in fact it found it at least a generation ago, and rather than seek new forms it just needs to become…well more. More of all the things rock has always excelled at. More groovesome, more riff driven, more incendiary. I’m not talking about the extreme metallers who think that the answer lies in how many beats, notes and grunts you can fit into three and a half minutes…make that thirteen and a half minutes… I mean it just needs to get weightier, more intense, more dangerous, more…just more.

And if you want to know what that sounds like, just listen to this beast of a track (pun intended.) It drives with the familiarity of the traditional classic rock sound, has the weight of the grunge subversion, wanders through alt-rock intensity, is anthemic, addictive and delicious, saucy, dark and effortlessly cool. If you want a lesson in the history of rock, it’s all here but rather than look back at the music it is influenced by, it has its eyes fixed firmly on the future. Job done!


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