Brick City – J$Money (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The best music always has a story to tell, even if that story comes swathed in infectious beats and fashionable sonics. Dig a little deeper and you can find some real truths as artists encode valuable life lessons into their songs. And, as songs become the parables of the modern age, then so do music artists become our teachers.

Brick City is such a sonic parable. It tells of wrong turns and of coming up the hard way. It tells of the struggle to survive in the toughest communities and of the grift and grime of life on the streets. It is also the story of redemption found through the act of making music and having a platform to communicate from.

And it does all of this through neat and spacious hip-hop sounds. The beats skitter past the ear, the bass pulses in brooding fashion, it is full of beguiling electronica and is driven by deft and dexterous lyrics and raw honesty.

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