Some music creates an impact by throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the listener; bombastic riffs and heavy beats have their time and a place but sometimes it is the more layered and understated washes of emotion that stay in your mind for the longer time. Joe Anthony certainly knows this and his 6-track e.p. Breathing Backwards, stands as testament.

Any artist who delivers songs based primarily around a voice and an acoustic guitar often have to work harder to stamp originality on their work, having less elements to create with, less tricks and easy cop outs to fall back on. What it finally comes down to is how good are the songs. Thankfully Joe also knows this and as such has been able to offer a sextet of gloriously understated, subtly layered, chilled late night songs.

Although born of seemingly pained subject matter, the trials and tribulations of every day life, he is clever enough to stop short of wallowing in some teenage angst, but instead offers wistful realistic musings that everyone will find familiar.

Musically there is often a hypnotic spiral that runs through the songs, but by adding enough detail to lift it above repetitiveness he instead creates a very soothing and immediate rhythmic flow to the music, where the dynamics are driven as much by the vocals as by the instruments. It’s a great showcase by anybodies standards, mature, reflective and possessing wonderful tranquillity.

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